Ralph Williamson Photography

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School Dinners

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Pushpa - Cleaner and cook at Saakshar

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Alice in Wonderland Tea at Christ Church, Oxford



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Talking under Donnington Bridge, Oxford

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Two girls fetching water for Nasirpur slum, Delhi

_MG_9961 - Version 2

St Honorat, Iles de Lerins, France

_MG_9866 - Version 3

Barber, Cowley Road, Oxford

_MG_6063 - Version 2

Candlemas in Christ Church Cathedral with the Cathedral Choir

_MG_6686 - Version 4

Savitri Grier, virtuoso violinist

_MG_9392 - Version 2

An illustrated manuscript from Christ Church Library


Durga devotee, Nasirpur slum, Delhi

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Reflection in the harbour, Tilos, Greece.

_MG_5429 - Version 2

Street Vendor, Delhi 2013


Monastery of St Honorat, Illes de Lerins, France

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A family in Nasirpur slum, Delhi, preparing for Vasanta Navratri

_MG_6193 - Version 2

The fortified monastery at Notre Dame de St Honorat, Lerins, France

_MG_6366 - Version 2

A well in Venice

_MG_7369 - Version 2

Dogs on the beach at Marazion, Cornwall

_MG_8004 - Version 2

Reflections of the statue of Mercury, Christ Church, Oxford

_MG_8302 - Version 2

Brighton Pier


Sonya, at Saakshar 1, Delhi


Christ Church Meadow - wire to keep in the Longhorn cattle

I am a London based photographer and enjoy the opportunity to photograph the life of a beautiful city in ever changing light, but my greatest enthusiasm is for photographing people.